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Healthy Summit 2000 Health Indicators Summary
Healthy Summit 2000 Demographics Report
Healthy Summit 2000 Mortality Report
Healthy Summit 2000 Natality Report

Summit 2010: A Quality of Life Project Reports
2009 Priority Indicators Progress Report
Quality of Life Peer Project Goals
Healthy Summit 2010 Demographics Report
Healthy Summit 2010 Mortality Report
Healthy Summit 2010 Natality Report

Healthy Summit 2010 Project Timeline

Phase I
Organize for Success/Partnership Development April 2001 - October 2001
Visioning Process June 2001 - October 2001
Four MAPP Community Assessments
Community Themes and Strengths Assessments August 2001 - June 2002
Local Public Health Assessment October 2001 - April 2002
Community Health Status Assessment August 2001 - September 2002
Forces of Change Assessment April 2002 - September 2002

Phase II
Identify Strategic Issues October 2002 - February of 2003
Formulate Goals and Strategies March 2003 - August 2003
The Action Cycle August 2003 - March 2004

The mission of the Summit County Environmental Council (SCEC) is to increase public access to information regarding environmental issues relating to the health of Summit County residents and to facilitate communication among the agencies and individuals concerned with those issues.

In order to provide Summit County residents with a structured way to locate resources dealing with these environmental health issues, the SCEC has constructed this site of web links.

We will update this preliminary list of links as issues and circumstances develop. We hope these sites provide beneficial information to Summit County residents.


The Summit County Environmental Council (SCEC) is a product of the first phase of the Healthy Summict 2000 project. Healthy Summit 2000, a community directed project, concluced its first phase in 1996 by indentifying priority health issues for Summit County. Environmental concerns were included in the list of priority health issues.

Ground Water
American Water Works Association:
Environmental Health Center Directory:
Ohioline, Environment:
Ohio EPA, Division of Drinking & Ground Waters:
U.S. Water News:

Hazards in Households & Schools

Childhood Lead Poisoning:
Lead Based Paint Abatement:
Child Advocacy:
Household Hazardous Waste:
Consumer Product Safety:
Human Food Contaminations
Food Safety:
Foodborne Disease Surveillance:


Indoor Air Quality

U.S. EPA, Office of Air and Radiation:
National Safety Council, Envir. Health Ctr., Indoor Air Quality:
U.S. EPA, Indoor Air Quality:
Ohio Radon Information System:


Outdoor Air Quality

Ohio EPA, Division of Air Pollution Control:

Solid Waste Disposal

Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries:
Ohio EPA, Div. of Solid and Infectious Waste Management:
Solid Waste Association of North America:



Surface Water Quality

Ohio EPA, Department of Surface Water:
Great Lakes Information Network:
U.S. EPA Cuyahoga River:
Waste Water: